I have been painting murals for more than a decade and have had a lot of request to purchase my murals online, so I am so excited to start this new part of my business where I have turned my hand painted murals (www.handpaintedmurals.ca) into removable reusable Wall Wear Decals. These decals look just like the original murals and yet are so easy to apply and enjoy. Everyone everywhere can enjoy a hand painted mural in their home or office. Our Wall Wear Decals are made of a vinyl material, which is easy to apply, less likely to peel and can also be wiped down if necessary. Our Wall Wear Decals can be removed and reused quite a few times and do not damage your walls in any way.

Wall Wear Decals are a great alternative to getting an actual mural done. If you like my portfolio but live outside my area, or if you are in a home or business location that you don’t want to invest in a mural that will have to stay on the wall. Decals are a great option if you like the look of a mural but don’t want to have to commit to a design for years.

The wall decals are very easy to apply, you just peel and stick just like a large sticker, and if you place it wrong you can peel it off and re-apply. Some of our delicate personalized decals will come with a pre-mask layer on top of the decal which is helpful when placing the decal on the wall to help keep the letters in a straight line.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, or for more information.